The Met Gala meets Sidge Students

The Met Gala – possibly the only fashion event that rivals lectures at Sidge


The Met Gala has been and gone, and we’ve had time to judge all the looks. But now it is time to answer the question everyone’s been asking – what Met Gala look would the different types of Sidge students wear? Fashion at Sidge is taken seriously, and last term, Emily McDonagh wrote Sidgwick Spotting: The nine types of people you’ll Find.  I was inspired! So now I’m going to decide which Met Gala 2023 look I think these 9 types of people would wear.

Type 1: The Fashion Icon

True fashion icons are willing to take a risk on something interesting, whilst still looking incredible. Anok Yai in this amazing jellyfish vibes dress does just that.

Type 2: The college puffer wearer

The college puffer is a classic staple in most Cambridge wardrobes. This outfit is beautiful and classic but slightly boring.

Type 3: The hungover one

Jared Leto’s cat costume is the perfect way to avoid eye contact with anyone you may have Rumboogied with the night before x

Type 4: The cyclist

Do I even need to explain?

Type 5: The athlete

Athletes never experiment with much more than a light blue Cambridge fleece. Daniel Riccardo equally went pretty standard in this suit. Definitely not pole position for my top Met Gala looks but still looking great.

Type 6: The Kanken-backpack-is-my-personality type

Kanken backpacks make me think vegan, mother earth, and nature is beautiful. Suki Waterhouse’s dress is giving woodland fairy and I’m here for it.

Type 7: The hand-writer

Not only does Wednesday use a typewriter, but Jenna Ortega’s look for the Met Gala is giving ‘I have never used an iPhone’ energy and I’m here for it.

Type 8: The person who doesn’t stop talking about how many deadlines they have

Anne Hathaway’s gorgeous Versace dress is perfect for any student trying to hold themself together through week five.


Type 9: The put together one

Dua Lipa.

Bonus Type 10: The one who wears platform heels no matter what

Kendall Jenner slayed in these ankle-breaking platform boots by Marc Jacobs. Just like my Sidge girlies who would wear 6-inch heels in a blizzard x


Remember, if celebrities with designers can look bad at the Met, then you can look bad at a 10am lecture x 

Feature Image Credits: Sophie Tallon

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