Sidgwick spotting: The nine types of people you’ll find

London Fashion Week’s got nothing on Sidge


You know I met someone last week who didn’t even know what Sidgwick was?! The pains of being a Natsci student.

If you have the joy of not being a STEM student and spending your days walking around the beautiful compound of Sidgwick, then you will have seen these creatures in their natural habitat.

So let us begin – feel free to keep a tally of how many of these people you’ve spotted around Sidge, and bonus points if you’re guilty of being any of them! But if you can’t relate to any, you really must be that unique and brooding Cambridge student that everyone aspires to be.

Just beautiful isn’t it? (Image credits: Emily McDonagh)

The fashion icon

You know the one. The girly who rocks a pair of wide-leg jeans, and an ultra skinny y2k scarf, all topped off with some platform doc martins – so unique and edgy! I promise I’m not describing myself here. For such an effortless look, nobody would have guessed it probably took them 30 mins to perfect before leaving college. Clearly, this is the effort required to truly Sidgwick-slay.

This probably sums up Sidgwick fashion nicely (Image credits: Facebook @2 Cam 2 Fess)

Or, there’s the classic Cambridge dark-academia look: a brown leather satchel is essential for this one, and must be flung effortlessly over the shoulder. I’m jealous of the dedication.

The college puffer wearer

Potentially not quite the same commitment to fashion as the above examples, but hey, it set you back £65 so you may as well get your wear out of it. Practical, lightweight, and warm – what more could you want on a cold day in Lent?

Evidently demonstrates a passion for fashion (Image credits: Emily McDonagh)

The hungover one

“Were you out last night?”

“Yeah I was at Revs, I lit-er-allyyyy don’t even know how I’m functioning right nowww”

We’ve all been there. Arriving at the lecture hall, vision blurry, head spinning and trying to function off of a few hours of sleep. They said Cambridge was work-hard, play-hard, right?

The cyclist

Oh yes, being from Homerton I know the pains all too well. The cyclist can be recognised immediately, frantically untucking their (often flared) trousers out of their socks to avoid that sort of Tudor-esque look that is so extremely attractive. They’ll be hectically delayering – taking off their scarf, hat, and gloves, as they arrive slightly flushed walking into the far-too-warm lecture hall after cycling in the cold February air.

Well hey, at least we’re getting our daily exercise in.

That jeans-tucked-into-socks look (Image credits: Emily McDonagh)

The athlete

We get it, you play sports (I really couldn’t tell from the head-to-toe Cambridge university sports attire). Those light blue fleeces don’t go unnoticed.

Image credits: Amy Garrod

Bonus points if you spot someone carrying a hockey or lacrosse stick with them inside the lecture hall.

The Kanken-backpack-is-my-personality type

Again, not talking about myself here I promise! These rucksacks are very practical, and there are PLENTY of them to see at Sidgwick, so if you ever need some new bag inspo, Sidgwick’s the place to go.

So unique! (Image credits: Maxim Knowles)

The hand-writer

If you handwrite your lecture notes you must have superpowers because I can hardly keep up using my laptop. Bonus points if you use a fountain pen.

The person who doesn’t stop talking about how many deadlines they have

Now we’re all studying humanities here at Sidge so surely the workload can’t be that bad?

The workload can become draining, even if you’re a humanities student (Image credits: Facebook @2 Cam 2 Fess)

The put together one

Spotted leaving college with plenty of time to spare, arriving to lectures with a Bould Brothers coffee in hand.

Everyone can dream, can’t they?

Feature image credits: Emily McDonagh

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