ONE DAY LEFT to submit nominations for the Tab’s BNOC competition 2021

And no, you’re not allowed to nominate Stephen Toope


After much contemplation over whether to introduce a Big Name In Pret Queue or Big Name in Zoom Breakout Room competition, The Cambridge Tab has decided to retain some normalcy in these unprecedented times with the return of our annual BNOC competition!

This year, it somewhat feels like the true meaning of BNOC should be “Basically No-one On Campus”. But in the name of tradition, we want to know who you think the Biggest Names On Campus are in 2021. After all, what better time to host a competition based on *knowing* people in an online term, when there’s no Cindies smoking area for people (the breeding ground of all ex-BNOCs) to network their way to fame, and you probably only know the names of six people in Cambridge (and that’s including your household, your bedder and yourself).

BUT, every cloud has a silver lining and at least we no longer have to pretend that the people who spend three hours in the Cindies queue every week despite not actually liking the music – are NOT the only people worth celebrating within our (now remote) student community. 

We’ve definitely noticed some Cambridge names rising to prominence for super wholesome reasons and we’d love to see some of these people being nominated too: what about your JCR welfare officer who always posts encouragement in the Facebook group, the person in your lectures who always has their camera on or your favourite Cambridge studytuber or social media queen?

Worry not Ticketbridge icons, we haven’t forgotten you. The closure of Cindies and Fez may be permanent, but that doesn’t have to lead to a permanent end to your BNOC-dom. In the absence of any real clubs to go to, we figured you guys at least deserve recognition for how much of a massive name you would now be if rona never got in the way. We see your potential and have our fingers crossed that at the very least, Revs will still be open next year. Nominate away and pave your path to the ultimate glory of ticket rep for when clubs re-open. 

Our social lives may have changed drastically over the last few terms, but regardless of circumstances, there will always be BNOCs. Even if you haven’t had the chance to meet many  new people this year, there are some standard ways to spot a BNOC you can keep in mind: 

We don’t know why or how but they somehow have the bizarre ability to have at least 100 mutual Facebook friends with any given person in Cambridge, possess at least 10 Tinder accounts which you periodically match with multiple times a term, and are for some reason *always* sitting on King’s Parade (seriously guys, are you undercover King’s porters or something?) 

When someone mentions their name in a conversation (it’s Cambridge after all, and not even rona seems able to prevent everyone somehow knowing everyone) you’ll immediately recognise it and think “I know that person”, but will struggle to put a face to the name. This is likely because you don’t actually know this person, nor have you ever met them. Rather, you’ve just heard their name so often they’ve started existing in your head entirely rent free as someone you probably, kinda, maybe, have spoken to. 

Either that, or it’s just because they pop up on your Facebook feed at least once a week from the copious Queerbridges/Crushbridges/ADCbridges/[Insert generic college confession page here] they receive.

Whoever they are, however you know them (or don’t – but we won’t tell), nominate them today so they can either get the recognition they deserve, or so they’ll stop clout-chasing on their Instagram story. A win-win situation all-around for humankind. 

The Rules: 

So let’s get down to how you actually nominate a BNOC. Click the link below to access our Google form. Only people with Cambridge email addresses are permitted to vote, so you’ll need to sign in before filling in the form. Responses are completely ANONYMOUS so rest assured we won’t bait you out for nominating your chirpse.

You’re allowed three nominations, so choose them wisely. You CANNOT vote more than once, so make sure those nominations count. 

And PLEASE make sure you don’t nominate the same person three times – otherwise we will assume you only know one person in Cambridge and will automatically discount any nominations you receive (we’re only half-joking on this one). Multiple nominations for a person on the same form will not count more than once. 

Once we’ve received all your responses, we’ll publish our Top 100 names, and you’ll all get to vote for your Top 10 BNOCs after that! 

Eligibility: Please remember that you are not allowed to vote for SU sabbatical officers or academic staff. BNOCs are strictly students only.

We’re closing the form on Valentine’s Day at 1 pm (because neither of us has anything better to do on that day than stalk through your responses together on Zoom with copious amounts of wine), so go on and get nominating!!!!