Katie Thacker

News column: Week seven

You’ll never guess what we found in the River Cam!

News Column: Week Six

An attempt to distract from the Cindies news

A Gentleman’s game? We spoke to some of the most influential women in Cambridge sport

On Varsity inequality, periods and proving men wrong

Jesus College warns they may punish students reporting harassment for breaking Covid rules

The College claims: ‘No one is entitled, without reasonable justification, to break them’

News Column: Week Five

Economic students have been told off for what ???

We spoke to students wanting to return home for the second lockdown

Concerns over mental health, Covid rates and flights home have led to a number of students wanting to leave Cambridge

The University of Cambridge has formally adopted the IHRA definition of antisemitism

The move has been welcomed by the Cambridge University Jewish Society

News Column: Week Four

Plague bells, bread thieves and way too many green potatoes

News Column: Week Three

A Halloween theme this week, with pumpkins and students spooked by intruders

Food for thought: How (not) to feed Cambridge students in self-isolation

It’s the being told to have two weeks’ worth of food but only having half a shelf of fridge space for me

News Column: Week Two

A week of Homerton attempting to stay relevant

Opinion: We need to move all non-essential teaching online, and we need to do it now

Being sick of Zoom is better than being sick from long Covid, just saying

We tried socially-distanced Wednesday Cindies, and it was actually kinda a vibe

Drinking VKs and cheesy chunes? Nature is healing x

News Column: Week One

Students open a pub, Pret has bouncers and Queens’ students aren’t happy

The University of Cambridge commits to full divestment by 2030

The announcement follows campaigns from both Cambridge Zero Carbon and Extinction Rebellion Cambridge

We spoke to freps about this year’s freshers’ week

Throwback to when we thought freshers’ flu was our biggest worry

We asked freshers their preconceptions of Cambridge Colleges

If you’re looking for helpful information about what Cambridge Colleges are actually like, you’re in the wrong place

Buddy up: the Cambridge freshers’ mentor schemes you should sign up to now

Online communities and ‘families’ to make Cambridge a home away from home

Class Act launches open letter in support of students who missed Cambridge offers

The open letter has over 2,700 signatures so far

Introducing CAmSSS: The Tripos advice scheme for Cambridge undergrads

Sign up to the CAmSSS scheme to provide advice to other undergraduates

We asked Cambridge students what they’re most excited about for Michaelmas 2020

Sex, Cindies and the Seeley

Opinion: Cambridge’s Black community needs action, not performative statements

The University and its’ white students can no longer close our eyes to the anti-Blackness embedded in this institution

Good News Column, Week Five: Edible Cambridge landmarks, student charity initiatives, and more animals!

To cheer you up from those week 5 blues

No face-to-face lectures? No problem

Admit it, you probably wouldn’t have gone to those 9ams anyway

What is a Class Act Officer and why every college should have one

Class Act Officers play an important role in helping students from low socio-economic backgrounds overcome the unique challenges they face at Cambridge

Everything you’re missing about your college right now

Roses are red, Churchill is made of bricks and I’m missing my weekly hashbrown fix

Backie to basics: Cambridge’s most embarrassing cycling stories

Five wheelie-embarrassing cycling anecdotes

Which shitty Christmas cracker gift is your college?

Our moodfish tells us you’ll like this article

It’s not just about Eton – why our educational system needs reform

Why inequalities in our two-tiered educational system will always hold disadvantaged students back

Breaking news: Central colleges really aren’t the be all and end all

Why you can keep your gowned formals and keep off the grass signs