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Charissa Cheong
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Old Cambridge Fez venue to reopen on 21st June as brand new MASH Nightclub

The club will have a zero tolerance policy towards any forms of racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or aggression

Here’s how Stephen Toope spent his Vice-Chancellor expenses before and after Covid hit

How many unnecessary lockdown purchases has our Vice-Chancellor made?

‘Not everything is up for debate’: Priyamvada Gopal on the truth about free speech in Cambridge

‘Free speech is meaningless if all it involves is punching down’

Silence is still compliance: There’s more to be done about racism in Cambridge

Racism is not a debate, it’s a reality. Here’s what we can do about it

EXCLUSIVE: Graham Virgo weighs in on The Tab’s Top 10 BNOCs list 2021

We also got his reaction to the news that Toope was nominated and he wasn’t

Interview: Graham Virgo on rent and residency requirements, exams, graduation and May Week

All I wanna know is if I’m going to be graduating in a gazebo

University plans to have ‘as many students as possible’ back in Cambridge for Easter term

Students currently in Cambridge are expected to remain here over the vacation

Submit your questions to Graham Virgo for The Tab’s interview with him!!!

Get your submissions in before Wednesday at 8 pm

VOTING IS NOW OPEN: The Tab’s Top 100 BNOCs 2021

Choose your winners so they can brag about it at the next Wednesday… oh wait

‘Threatening homelessness’ and other awful ways Cambridge colleges have handled Covid discipline

Ranging from reflective essays to the removal of accommodation, disciplinary measures need to be standardised

Cambridge University announces exam mitigation measures for 2020-21 academic year

Most first and second-year students will progress automatically after taking their assessments

63 Toope memes in celebration of Stephen Toope’s 63rd birthday

We dug DEEP into the Camfess archives for this one

Trinity responds to complaints about their controversial ‘silent majority’ email

We asked Trinity to explain what they meant by ‘imminent danger’ and ‘silent majority’

Ranked: These are the Cambridge colleges with the most Covid infringements

The results may surprise you…

We asked the Cambridge police what actually happened to the Van of Death

Was it really stolen???

The Marlowe Showcase Spring 2021 has been cancelled after complaints about ‘all-white’ casting

The Marlowe Society published a statement about the cancellation on their Facebook page

Fez Club Cambridge has permanently closed down and will not be reopening

Meanwhile, Life is moving under brand new administration

Ranked: The Cambridge colleges that fined the highest amounts to students in Michaelmas

Who said The Tab can’t do real investigative journalism? They were right lowkey

We asked a mental health expert how to deal with not being allowed back to uni this term

From how to deal with inadequate support from university staff, to thinking about whether you should intermit

Just a list of reasons why Cambridge should give us a safety net this year

I mean, I shouldn’t be having to write this article, but here we are

Cambridge will not be offering a ‘no detriment’ policy for students this year

The Cambridge Tab asked the University if there could be a safety net… and they said no

These eight yummy vegan TikTok recipes will help you get through Veganuary

60-second recipes to keep you going this month

Acne positivity: The skin movement that uplifted us in 2020

They post pictures on Instagram, and people’s lives have changed because of it

Updates: These are the unis offering rent rebates for lockdown

Find out how much you’re gonna need to be paying

This is how you can make objects cuter with the new cartoonify TikTok effect

It’s surprisingly easy

Cambridge University moves all Lent term teaching online

The university is still seeking advice about who can return to Cambridge for the term

The Slumflower has new demands for ‘reparations’ from Florence Given

She outlined her requests in an Instagram post last night

Quiz: Which Lindsay Lohan character matches your vibe?

Do you have more Teenage Drama Queen or Mean Girls energy?

Students told they will not be able to leave Cambridge until the end of lockdown

Meanwhile, students who are not in the set-out exempt categories have been told to remain where they are

Does my university have a rent strike group and how can I get involved?

If you can’t get your hair cut in Tier 4, you may as well get uni to cut your rent

Who does the voiceover on ITV’s The Cabins? Meet 26-year-old Maisie Adam

Find out why she looks so familiar

The internet is seriously upset about this man’s reaction to a tampon drawing

The ‘tampon guy’ has had his say, and no one’s happy about it

Cambridge Market temporarily shuts to keep people from ‘congregating’ in city centre

The closure starts from 1st January and the decision to reopen will be kept under review

Cambridge and Cambridgeshire will move into Tier 4 restrictions on Boxing Day

Universities will remain open under Tier 4 restrictions

‘Outstanding’ students are receiving Cambridge offers without having to interview

Imagine being that clever

The most ‘socially diverse’ intake ever? A closer look at BAME representation in Cambridge

Cambridge admitted a record number of BAME students this year, but there’s still more to talk about

Review: The Hatch Holiday Special

The festive edition of a Cambridge theatre classic

Cambridge will move into Tier 2 restrictions once the lockdown is lifted

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough will both be moving into Tier 2 on 2nd December

Evacuate the dancefloor: Cambridge students share their wildest Cindies memories

Don’t think I can listen to Mr. Brightside again without bursting into tears

St Catharine’s announces new investment strategy to reduce fossil fuel spending

The policy is aimed at demonstrating the college’s commitment to addressing climate change

Cindies announces it is officially closing down to make space for a new hotel

It’s really happening

Trip to the gyp: How to make the most of your Cambridge kitchen during lockdown

This week we attempted a BBQ pulled jackfruit burger, and it was SPICY

New rules: How different Cambridge colleges are handling lockdown 2.0

Dua Lipa wouldn’t have even been prepared for this

A Cambridge student’s first-hand account of the #EndSARS protests in Nigeria and the violence which followed

‘People just didn’t want to be trampled on anymore’

Breaking: Students told they are required to remain in university residence over lockdown

The announcement was made this morning in an email from the Vice-Chancellor

We tried the new electric scooters in Cambridge and it was wild

The vois are back in town

End Everyday Racism launches its first report on racial abuse in Cambridge

They gathered over 100 anonymous testimonies from students and staff at the University

Racial harassment in Cambridge colleges: Do the numbers reflect reality?

The Cambridge Tab conducted an investigation into racial harassment complaints at Cambridge colleges

These Cambridge colleges have put up flags for Black History Month

Churchill and Catz are honouring Black History Month by flying these flags above College

History student cycles 100km back to Cambridge to fundraise for a diabetes charity

‘I couldn’t even ride a bike till the end of first year’

The Cambridge (Tab’s) Dictionary of bizarre lingo used only at Cambridge

All the oddly specific terminology you need to survive here x

Interview: Aidan Tulloch on releasing a new EP between Lent Term and lockdown

‘Somewhere Without Lights’ is the English student’s second full-length EP

Liberal Lonely Hearts: An online date for charity to heat up your summer

‘If it ends up being true love, CULA will subsidise the wedding’

QUIZ: Which Cambridge Freshers’ Week stereotype are you?

The quiz that every incoming fresher NEEDS to take

Cambridge to accept hundreds with missed offers, according to official statement

This year’s intake will be ‘the most socially diverse ever’

‘Subject Slurring’: A new and intoxicating Cambridge-based web series

‘Let’s get people drunk on the radio and ask them questions’

CUSU release open letter against potential rent hike by Cambridge Colleges

The letter has been signed by eighteen JCRs and MCRs across the university

History finalists are still waiting on results a full day after the expected date

The Faculty of History has not yet been in touch about the delay

I returned to Cambridge to clear out my second year house and it did NOT go well

Did we really leave it looking like THIS?

Cambridge saved over £240,000 in pay deductions during 2019-20 strikes

The deducted pay was split between student hardship funds, a pilot eating disorder clinic, and the Childcare Bursary Scheme

Oxford vs Cambridge ‘Power2Inspire virtual boat race’ to promote inclusion through sport

This unique, inclusive online race is the first of its kind!

‘Silence is compliance’: How you can speak out against systematic racism

Learn, sign, donate, email, share

These college JCRs are sending free menstrual products straight to your door during lockdown

‘While lockdown unfortunately continues, so do periods’

Joke event ‘Storm Sidge, Toope can’t stop us all’ creates worry for University staff

‘We deserve more than lectures on Zoom and foreboding talk of a global gloom’

This NatSci is selling photos of your favourite Cambridge places to raise money for the fight against domestic abuse

Calls to The National Abuse Helpline have increased by 50 per cent since the beginning of lockdown

Huge virtual May Week event announced as MWA, RAG and May Ball President’s Committee join forces

And it’s raising money for the fight against Coronavirus

Former Cambridge student organises relay around the globe for ‘Doctors Without Borders’

Here’s how you can take part…

‘Be A Local Hero’ in Cambridge: Christ’s student launches intiative to support local businesses during COVID-19

Along with his mate who’s graduated from Loughborough

Migraines be gone: Meet the Cambridge students crowdfunding a revolutionary healthcare app

‘We both suffered from chronic pain in our childhood’

Cambridge University releases new information about Hardship Funding during COVID-19

The email informs students how they can seek help for coronavirus-related financial difficulty