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NEW TAB POSITION: Marketing Director

The Tab is expanding its ranks

Do you live for the gram? Are your insta stories picture perfection? Is social media the first thing you reach for lying in bed in the morning?

The Tab is looking for Marketing Director(s) to help us grow and promote our brand. We are already Cambridge's most widely read newspaper but the aim is to branch out more.

We were founded in 2009 in Cambridge, but now things have changed and we're moving forward with the times.

Marketing Director roles:

– Manage The Tab Cambridge's new Instagram account

– NEW TAB APP – Help with App launch and promotion events as well as app publicity

How to apply

Simply email [email protected] giving your details (name, college, CRSID, subject and phone number) and tell us why you're interested and what makes you suited for a role.

Applicants will then be contacted for a short phone interview.

Deadline Friday 27th April 23:59

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