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BNOC TOP 10: Cam’s biggest names of 2018 are finally revealed

Let’s hope it doesn’t go to their heads

After sorting through a staggering 1,637 nominations and over 10,000 votes, the Tab can finally reveal the most anticipated result of the year – the BNOC Top 10 of 2018. Amidst the CUSU election madness, it's time to see if all the self-promotion, social media pleas and general shameless campaigning paid off. If you haven't seen the Top 50 first, take a look here.

10. Jonah Surkes, Clare – Union President, Union Hack, College JCR, Professional networker | "If he doesn't beat Daisy I'll cry"

Current Union Pres, thesp and Tab alumni Jonah Surkes has managed to sneak into the Top 10 list, jumping up considerably from last year's position of 33rd. As well as ruling over the Cambridge Union, Jonah is notorious around town for photobombing Mary Berry and being a successful hack.

Despite being reported as having 'argued with Daisy Eyre in the smoking area of Cindies for an hour saying the other would top the BNOC list' according to one of his nominators, it seems the President of a different sort of Union did manage to beat him.

Jonah told the Tab: "@DaisyEyre you owe me a fiver." Scroll down to see where Daisy came.

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He's the one on the right

9. Hugh Wright, Clare – Facebook Fame, JCR, Christian Union | "King of memes"

Self-declared Vice President of Snacks at the Clare and Magdalene Christian Union, Classicist Hugh Wright has come 9th on the BNOC list. Hugh has been described as allegedly 'running the ARU Meme page', a Flat Earth memer and a frequenter of Clare bar.

Hugh told the Tab that he wanted to thank his college dad, Kam Sohi (who features lower down) as he "demanded a shout out." Fair enough.

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8. Josh Jackson, Queens' – JCR fame, CULC, Professional networker, Journalism Hack, Facebook Fame | "So left wing for CULC, he formed his own momentum society"

Third year HSPSer Josh has made it on the BNOC list every single year of his degree, but has reached his highest point yet, coming in on this year's list at number 8. Known as an infamous Corbynite and a poster of socialist memes, Josh has made appearances on Newsnight and appeared in the background of a BBC documentary.

Josh told the Tab that coming 8th is "a great honour" and that "some people say to [him], 'Josh, you're the worst socialist I've ever heard of' and all I can say is 'but you have heard of me'." Jezza would be proud.

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Are you really a BNOC is you haven't been interviewed on some kind of BBC current affairs program?

7. Tiwa Adebayo, Sidney – Sport, SJW, Professional Networkers, Facebook Fame, Journalism Hack | "I heard she's more famous than Jesus"

Athletics team co-captain Tiwa Adebayo comes in at number 7 after being the 5th most nominated person and receiving 30% of the overall vote. Described as the 'best swap organiser' and 'shameless self-promoter', Tiwa wrote a column for the Tab last term and is an ambassador for Tinder (not that you'd have any idea from her Facebook feed).

When asked for comment, Tiwa told the Tab: "I went to Habs." We're serious.

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When you copy and paste the BNOC google form into your insta caption

6. Evie Aspinall, Pembroke – JCR fame, SJW, Professional networker, Aspiring CUSU Champion | "Once had a public Twitter argument with Julia Hartley Brewer"

Vice-President of Cambridge for Consent and President of Pembroke Politics Society, Evie Aspinall comes in at number 6 on the BNOC list. Evie has a number of social justice accomplishments under her belt such as being the founder of the Jo Cox Feminist Society and was described as doing "literally everything in college." She is now running for CUSU President.

Evie told the Tab that she 'thanks her dedicated friends for encouraging people to vote for [her] and I hope their support is similarly effective in the CUSU elections ;)' Only time will tell, Evie.

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5. Jason Okundaye, Pembroke – SJW, CUSU Champion, JCR fame, Facebook and Twitter Fame | "That puffer jacket ??"

Third year HSPS student Jason Okundaye made it to 5th place in the BNOC list, receiving 46.83% of the vote. The President of CUSU's Black and Minority Ethnic society outraged the Daily Mail and Katie Hopkins last year after controversial tweets of his were misconstrued. Jason was described as 'one of the bravest people in Cambridge' and a 'very beautiful man'.

When asked for comment, Jason told the Tab: "skeen." Fair enough.

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The infamous puffer jacket

4. Ibz Mo, Wolfson – YouTuber, SJW, Comedy | "Slut-drops on forbidden grass"

Cambridge vlogger Ibz Mo has come in at 4th place on the BNOC list with 53% of the vote. Many described the YouTube personality as the 'King/queen of access' and having 'inspired thousands of students to aspire to dream big and achieve big academically.' Deep stuff right there.

Others described him as 'taking down Cambridge stereotypes with one photo of slut-dropping on the grass outside kings college.'

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*Fire emoji reacts only*

3. Kam Sohi, Clare – JCR fame, Drinking Soc fame, Professional networker | "Saw him strawpedo a line of 9 VKs"

Kam Sohi, the founder of Conscious Mental Health Ball and Cam FM regular, comes in at number 3 on the list, having received the most nominations with 176! He's been described as "knowing every bouncer" and "by far the calmest guy I've ever met" as well as "that guy everyone knows but no one knows how."

Kam told the Tab: "I guess I'd like to shout out my self-appointed #Kampaign manager, Vinay Chaggar, as well as the whole VK company but in particular Orange & Passionfruit, and straws (even though they're bad for the environment). Also I'd like to use this platform to say apply for next year's Conscious committee – a sure fire route to BNOCery !!"

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Sounds like a busy guy

2. Lola Olufemi, Sabb – CUSU champion, SJW

Lola Olufemi comes is our BNOC 2018 runner up, coming in with 80% of the vote. CUSU's Women's Officer has had a big role this year in promoting Feminist events, the Breaking the Silence Campaign and campaigning for the UCU Strikes more recently.

This is Lola's second year in a row as second place of the BNOC list – you go girl.

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The ultimate SJW

1. Daisy Eyre, Sabb – CUSU champion, SJW | "We once followed her around Sainsbury's"

CUSU Pres Daisy Eyre has made it to the number 1 slot, following the success of her predecessor Amatey Doku (miss you x), and winning 96.98% of the vote!

Daisy started her political career as Jesus JCR Pres and rose all the way to the top of the CUSU ranks after winning the election last year.

Daisy told the Tab: "I am kind of relieved to have been voted number one BNOC – very glad that people have clearly received my emails! I recommend anyone that wants to be a BNOC to get involved in CUSU, and ultimately to run for CUSU President. In one year I went from not being on the BNOC list to being number one and you can too." Nice plug there Daisy.

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When it comes to her victory, you could say she's neither here nor Eyre

So there you have it! BNOC is over and we've given you your winners. For those of you who didn't crack the list whatsoever, don't despair! You've got the whole year to campaign.