Cambridge Cafe MOO-TINIES over animal fat in new £5 note

They have beef with it.

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After it emerged in the past week that the new £5 note contained traces of animal fat, the award-winning Rainbow cafe has launched a policy to refuse it. 

Owners of the cafe, it seems, believe that notes containing animal fat are a mis-steak, and have put up signs warning customers about the policy. The polymers in the notes contain traces of tallow, made from animal fat.

It’s a bit of a raw issue

Sharon Meijland told the BBC “[Tallow’s] an animal product isn’t it? Our whole business is based around not having anything like that on the premises. Although the same person doesn’t handle the money that handles the food, that’s not really the point.”

The Rainbow Cafe is not the only one dissatisfied with the move – a petition calling to remoove the product from the notes received 12,000 signatures within just a few days of posting.

Animal fat was clearly not a good moove

The Bank of England has claimed it is looking into “potential solutions” to the issue of tallow in notes, and the Rainbow Cafe has noted that nobody has yet complained about the policy which was implemented on Wednesday.

It is hoped that, because it is such a tender issue for vegetarians and vegans, a solution will soon be found.