Cambridge Cafe MOO-TINIES over animal fat in new £5 note

They have beef with it.

Pull the udder one: King’s cows have disappeared

We know we’re milking this one

Tab Treats: Cheeky Chocolate Cow Drink

An udderly delicious drink to get you feeling hot under the collar on these cold winter nights.

The Insider Week 1: Drinking soc smash up and cows in the Cam

Welcome to our brand new column, revealing all the gossip and untold tales from inside the Bubble.

Cooking With the Cows

LEAF ARBUTHNOT shares her recipe for Thai Green Curry and forces the cast of CowsDrinkMilk to cook it for her.

Best Comments: Week Four

Rosa Robson presents her pick of the week’s best comments, including a visit from Batman and Robin, some scrabble banter and Rebecca Black on buns.

Exclusive: Udderly Terrifying

Queens’ students were charged by a herd of crazy cows last Monday, leaving one student with a dislocated shoulder.

Cow’s Death Was Dairyliction Of Duty

Staff at King’s are outraged that a college cow was left to die whilst giving birth, The Tab has learned.

Easy Rider

A safety warning was issued yesterday after drunken revellers began a new craze of riding COWS on Midsummer Common.