ASS-TOUNDING: Stampede of nude cyclists descend upon Cambridge

Are they wheelie mad?

Cambridge Cambridge University cycling midsummer common naked cycle race Nudity parkers piece Sport the backs

A flock of naked cyclists took to some of the most popular streets in Cambridge this weekend, setting off from Parkers Piece.

Over 100 cyclists lined up cheek to cheek at the starting line, before cycling 7 miles along The Backs and Midsummer Common. Some dived fully into the race with full-frontal nudity whilst others kept underwear on, or even donned fancy accessories.

Making their (skid) mark across Cambridge

Many onlookers seemed stunned at the bare-arsed cheek of some of the individuals participating in the race, with children walking past bare-ly able to believe their eyes.

A bit cheeky…

Despite the funny sight of the cyclists, the Naked Bike Ride has a more serious message of cycle safety, something which is particularly important in Cambridge.

It was part of a national event, with Naked Cycle Races taking part in over 50 cities across the world.

Are these people absolute cycle-paths? Or do they have the right idea?