Battle of the nerds: MIT challenges Cambridge to all-out ‘Hackathon’

Calling all hackers! Your Country Needs You!

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The University of Cambridge will go face-to-face (or, rather, screen-to-screen) with MIT, Cambridge in a cybersecurity ‘hackathon’.

The .GIF gauntlet has been thrown; the champions have been chosen. Barack Obama has challenged David Cameron to a virtual ‘friendly face-off’ in a bid to bolster international collaboration over terrorist hacker threats. (The Tab cannot confirm that the two World Leaders will be personally involved.)

The competition, neatly dubbed ‘Cambridge vs Cambridge’ (there’s one in the USA too, you see), will be between us and MIT.

It is part of a bid to improve global internet security in the wake of cyberterrorist threats from organisations such as ISIS, or possibly an alien invasion of Earth that can only be stopped by a 1990s Mac virus (is it too late to make Independence Day references?).

A spokesman from the Whitehouse said: “Every day foreign governments, criminals, and hackers are attempting to probe, intrude into, and attack government and private sector systems in both of our countries.

President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron have both made clear that domestic cyber security requires cooperation between governments and the private section.”

Especially important given the recent hacks on Sony's mediocre films

Especially important given the recent hacks on Sony’s mediocre films

Despite being officially the coolest President ever, Barack Obama has foolishly decided to put his trust in his home-grown institution.

David Cameron is reported to have said ‘nah bro, we’re gunna shit all over you’, but these reports may be false.

The small, generally untraceable CompSci community at Cambridge has rallied to express confidence over the showdown.

Mistral, 3rd Year CompSci at Queens’ gave an uncharacteristically Arts-student perspective: “Just look at the history: we invent something, they try to improve on it. They haven’t got a chance”.

Whilst Matt, 2nd Year CompSci at Churchill, is equally unfazed: “MIT? More like Shit-IT.”

Up Yours

Although dates have not been finalised, the competition will probably be held in October and go on for about 3 days. That’s a serious all-nighter.

So grab your Mountain Dew, put in your order for Dominoes Pizza, stop watching Firefly, [insert Nerd stereotype that’s probably pissing you all off as we speak] and join the struggle.

The Tab: blatantly adhering to stereotype since 2005

MIT have been above us in the League Tables for too long. Let’s show them who’s boss.