Farage protests continue – without Farage

Farage’s cancellation didn’t stop a handful of brave people making noise outside Corpus

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Farage’s cancellation didn’t stop angry trades union members assembling outside Corpus Christi at the same time as Ironman talked about his penis.

Protesters scrambled to scribble Hitler moustaches on photos of the UKIP leader in preparation for the protest.

Angry protesters reeled off chants, at one point belting out the words “All we are saying is no to Farage” to the tune of John Lennon’s ‘Give Peace a Chance’.


The protest was in response to an invitation for the MEP to speak at the university followed by a dinner hosted at Corpus.

A local teacher didn’t want Farage to have the opportunity to “spread his divisive rhetoric”. But they still claimed to respect his right to free speech. (We’re finding it a bit hard to follow…)

Students had also expressed anger at the prospect of having to “show that racist respect” by standing up when he arrived at the high table. Daniel Chirstopher, a Natsci Corpus Fresher, has emailed the fellow who invited him and thinks “the college should have stopped it”.

Everyone’s favourite politician – and everyone’s favourite picture of him

Most passers-by showed their solidarity with friendly remarks such as “UKIP are wankers” and “Fuck UKIP, boys!”

Anna Knight, a local mother, called Farage’s withdrawal a “victory for [their] cause.”

One passing UKIP-er clashed with the protesters, claiming that Farage backed out of his visit in order to protect his own supporters from the 250 protesters who were meant to turn up.

You sure he wasn’t just avoiding bad press? Or bad tempers?