EDL Can’t Even Spell ‘Britain’

BREAKING: EDL protesters can’t spell.

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Misspelling a word in your essay is one thing, but messing up your ink is quite another. 

We at The Tab will happily admit that we had a good laugh at the EDL’s expense last term.  What we’re embarrassed we missed, however, was this priceless body art blunder on the neck of one of our subject. Better late than never, right?

Pride of ‘Britian’: this man must really love his country

The police officer in the background looks like she’s really enjoying this one.

Here’s a few of our favourite grammatical gaffes from tattoos around the web:

The force is stong with this one

Ex-remely stupid

Beyond words: every Cambridge student’s nightmare

And what’s he gonna think when he sees that?

Shoulda gone to school

Remember kids, tattoos are for life – not just for EDL protest day.

EDL Photo Credit: Tom Porteous