Did you realise it was St George’s Day yesterday?

JOHN DARLISON reckons you didn’t.

Capitalism makes us sexist and insecure

And it does so to distract us from what’s important.

EDL supporters threaten to brick student housing

Two students have been threatened by a group of EDL supporters as they passed by their accommodation.

The Tab Meets: Owen Jones

BETH SWORDS and JOSEPH SPENCER talk to Owen Jones about the abolition of Oxbridge, automatic enrolment for the underprivileged and his relationship with the Cambridge Union.

Procrastination with Nick Harris

An exciting glimpse into the life of Nick Harris.

TabTV Inside: Caesarian Sunday

TabTV’s HUNTER ALLEN and NICK HARRIS venture inside the belly of the beast…

EDL Can’t Even Spell ‘Britain’

BREAKING: EDL protesters can’t spell.

Tab Tried: Political Extremism

And now JACK EMMINS just wants to go home.

TabTV Inside: A Day With The EDL

NICK HARRIS and MAX TOOMEY wanted to see what the EDL was really like. Here’s what happened when they spent a day inside the Cambridge protest.

EDL Falls Flat

Hundreds of Cambridge UAF protesters march in opposition to a drunken and depleted EDL.

EDL Protest: Po-Po Preview

NICK HARRIS provides an exclusive, behind the scenes, super secret preview of police preparation for the EDL protest later today.

Plans Finalised For EDL Demonstration

The English Defence League is forging ahead with its plans for a demonstration on Saturday 23rd February, but will no longer be marching.

Tab Tries: Political Extremism

Bored of the red team and the blue team? JACK EMMINS takes a walk on the wild side of politics.

Don’t Stoop to the EDL’s Level

Ahead of a planned EDL march in February, Cärlchen Jupp implores you not to allow ‘blatant common sense’ to be hijacked.

Cam Students Fight Back Against EDL

CUAF will oppose an EDL march next month with a counter protest planned for the same day.

Exclusive: CUCA Chair Accused Of Homophobia

The outgoing-Cambridge Conservative Association Chair has been accused of homophobia for comments made on his Facebook page.