Inanimate Carbon Rod Joins Official NUS Ballot

NUS election candidate Inanimate Carbon Rod #1 has gained a place on the official voting ballot.

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This morning has been one of triumph for presidential candidate Inanimate Carbon Rod #1, who has finally been added to the official ballot for the upcoming NUS elections.

Rod announced its intention to run for NUS President nearly two weeks ago, but only this morning has it received a place on the voting ballot.

The news, broken on the candidate’s Facebook page, comes after a lengthy dispute with the NUS over the validity of student nominations for Rod’s inclusion in the ballot.

The campaign’s triumphant Facebook status

According to the Carbon Rod campaign website, the delay has been caused by the fact that the “Chief Returning Officer [has been] requesting proof of student status for every nomination we received that was not provided postally.”

There have been suspicions of foul play within NUS with regards to the incident. A recent post on the Rod’s campaign website reads: “Apparently the other candidates were seconded by either Sabbatical Officers or other people of note to the NUS. Being in with the crowd gives you a huge advantage in these elections and this exclusion of the membership is a partial cause of the perpetually ineffective leadership.”

When contacted this morning, a member of Rod’s team said: “Incapable of emotion, Inanimate Carbon Rod’s response can only be described as ‘stoic and firm’.

In response to the suggestion that the candidate has been treated unfairly, Rod added: “We believe this whole process…just goes to show the level to which the NUS leadership detaches itself from its membership base to the point of alienation; and now we have a chance to fight that.”

We thank every student who’s helped and supported us so far, and hope you’ll join us at conference, or at least convince your delegates to back Inanimate Carbon Rod.”