ELECTION DAY: The Tab meets candidates for Cambridge

If you still haven’t decided, you’d better hurry up

Who’s-who of CUSU: The nominations

Campaigning begins at 9am today – but who is actually running?

Where did it all go wrong? The Tab’s Cambridge highlights of 2016

Time to pick through the burning bits of wreckage from a horrible year.

Cambridge students vote YES to keep class lists

55% of students want an easier opt-out system

Fear And Loathing in Referendums

Why it’s okay to feel a little bit scared

BREAKING: Record breaking turnout for NUS Referendum so far

CUSU Coordinator confirms that DSO referendum turnout exceeded after just one day of voting

Cornelius’ fan club hits back against “irresponsible” reporting of presidential candidate

An open letter from Trinity students defends him against allegations of poor leadership.

Equality now: give tweens the vote


Was voting a waste of time?

Seriously, why did I bother lugging myself all the way back to London to vote?

Julian Huppert: freedom fighter, top bloke

Julian Huppert is the Chosen One, argues REECE EDMENDS in part one of the Tab’s new series: ‘Who to vote for in Cambridge and why you should give a shit’

THIS is how to make politics go viral

Add a witty statement, a fancy font and a picture of Katie Hopkins

Wrong GU President announced?

‘Feckless and inconsequential’ – the Grad Union can’t count

We’re not all haggis eating freedom fighters

CHRIS SIMPSON, founder of ScotSoc, responds to yesterday’s pro Yes argument.

Tab Meets: CUSU Living Wage Officer, Ben Bayley

JOE WHITWELL and HAZEL SHEARING talk King’s recent victory and their hopes for other colleges with the CUSU Living Wage officer.

Fit Union President

It’s that time of year again at the Union, the elections are nigh and the knives are out. The real question is, who do you would think be the fittest president? Tab takes it to the polls.

Inanimate Carbon Rod Joins Official NUS Ballot

NUS election candidate Inanimate Carbon Rod #1 has gained a place on the official voting ballot.

Policing Matters

Tomorrow for the first time there will be elections for local police commissioners. AYAZ MANJI wants us to take them seriously.

Your Vote Matters Here

BILLY ALDRIDGE on why your vote at university matters.

Tab Tries: Probing Presidents

We show you the CUSU presidential hopefuls as you’ve never seen them before.

The Cambridge Companion To Voting Reform

With only hours until the referendum you’ve all been waiting for, The Tab is here to navigate you across the tempestuous seas of voting reform.