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Will Pithers
Cambridge University


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Magdalene May Ball 2013

Magdalene delights WILL PITHERS with its magical setting, quality entertainment and endless food and drink.

Queens’ Erect ‘Philosophical’ Bridge for Centenary May Ball

Queens’ May Ball will feature a specially constructed bridge and a whole host of acts, as announced this afternoon.

Dog Is Dead To Headline Downing

Indie five-piece Dog Is Dead will headline alongside Toploader at this year’s Downing May Ball.

Drinking Soc Invades Law Exam

Above the law? A Criminal Law exam on Saturday featured a question about a fictional drinking society’s initiation ceremony.

Physics Phuck-Up

A Part IB NatSci paper had students in a tangle this weekend when it set two faulty questions to which there were no correct answers.

Queenie Comes to Cam

The Queen was in town yesterday, cruising round Cambridge in a bus before opening a posh new lab at Addenbrooke’s.

Spector To Headline Emma May Ball

London five-piece Spector will be the headline act at this year’s Emma May Ball.

Everything Everything to Play Pembroke

Indie four-piece Everything Everything will headline Pembroke May Ball 2013, The Tab can confirm.

Jello, Goodbye

Wyverns cave to pressure from online petition and CANCEL the Jelly Wrestling tournament at this year’s Wyverns Garden Party.

Miliband in Cambridge: Labour Will Back Oxford-Cambridge Railway

Ed Miliband spent Monday lunchtime hanging out in Market Square, as Labour launched the final stages of their local election campaign.

CamFM Harlem Shakes Its Way to ITV Fame

CamFM puts Cambridge on the map with its take on the Harlem Shake.

Inanimate Carbon Rod Joins Official NUS Ballot

NUS election candidate Inanimate Carbon Rod #1 has gained a place on the official voting ballot.

Lent Line-up Revealed!

From professors to pornstars: this term’s Union line-up has it all…

Chain Pinches Picturehouse

Independent film in Cambridge is threatened as the Arts Picturehouse is taken over by Cineworld.

RAG At Cambridge

MADDY LAWSON introduces RAG to this year’s freshers…

Fresher vs Food: The 1kg Challenge

WILL PITHERS eats lots of food in little time…

Bonsai Bonanza: The Art of Feng Shui

Can a bonsai tree and some furniture rearrangement brighten your mood? WILL PITHERS certainly thinks so.