University Cracks Down on Exam Celebrations

With post-exam celebrations getting “out of hand”, University officials seek to curb champagne spraying.

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A new rule has been introduced to stop students celebrating the end of exams in the usual fashion.

Officials now say the age-old tradition of spraying champagne is getting “out of hand” and becoming “over-exuberant”.

The new rule bans shouting, cheering and fizzing-up bubbly and forbids blocking pavements and roads and causing any damage.

It states: “Candidates shall have regard for the welfare of others, including the general public, at the end of examination sessions (both their own sessions and those of others).

“In particular they should avoid: noise that might disturb active examinations or other work nearby – littering or damage, especially with food or drink; and obstructing highways or thoroughfares.

“Candidates shall comply with instructions given by university staff performing their duties.”

The rule will come into force next summer.

A spokesman for the University said the rule was introduced because the antics were disturbing others: “Occasional excessive or over-exuberant celebrations over the years by students on leaving the exam hall have caused disturbance to others”.

Ian Cooper, a second year at Selwyn, said students would find it hard to hold back as they left exam halls after a stressful time: “People want to celebrate and they’d throw flour and buy cheap Cava and spray it around to celebrate.

“They’ve tried taking names before but that didn’t seem to do much. I can understand why they are bringing this in. It’s not really something that can be seen to happen in public.”