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News Week Six: Exam Paper Errors, Geese Lasering and Weird Welfare

Exams are coming to a close, but the DRAMA is not

The Cambridge admissions process is Hell

Literal, fiery Hell.

MessML: Spanish exam interrupted after students given transcript

It’s happened again

EXCLUSIVE: Number of students asking for special exam conditions for mental health nearly doubles

Number of applications relating to mental health and depression rise, while figures for anxiety remain steady

Stop complaining: you love exams

Exam term is hard. Get over it.

Top 9 places to revise in Cambridge

Excluding libraries…

Cambridge exam terms: an ethnography*

*My understanding of what ethnographies actually involve is deeply shallow. I know that they are used in Social Anthropology. Please forgive any errors in the application of what is surely a rigorous and well-validated way of analysing human society.

Confessions of a Library Wanker

I’m not even ashamed

A really serious guide to getting some really serious work done

Brought to you by someone who’s trying to procrastinate

What words? English finalists struggle to answer poem that literally doesn’t exist

There were few smiley faces amongst English finalists asked to analyse a poem without any words.

Exam Crisis Playlist

JULIE HUTCHINSON tells you all to pull yourself together over Exam Term.

Uni Proctor Flips After Being Floured

A University Proctor was doused in flour and Cava outside physics exam earlier this week.

Procrastination with Nick Harris: Part II

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more bored, NICK HARRIS returns. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Physics Phuck-Up

A Part IB NatSci paper had students in a tangle this weekend when it set two faulty questions to which there were no correct answers.

Procrastination with Nick Harris

An exciting glimpse into the life of Nick Harris.


SAM MELLOR aims to lead at least a few of our library slaves to unsavoury raves with a preview of the term’s club life.

University Cracks Down on Exam Celebrations

With post-exam celebrations getting “out of hand”, University officials seek to curb champagne spraying.

Marking Mad

Serious errors in the marking of second year NatScis have resulted in grades changing by up to two classes.