Chinese New Fear

There will be new Chinese Jade on display at the Fitz just weeks after the break-in.

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The Fitzwilliam Museum is to host a new display of rare Chinese artefacts – just three weeks after the theft of similar items.

The exhibition, titled ‘The Search for Immortality’, will be the biggest ever collection of ancient Chinese royal pieces to leave the country and features over 350 items.

But among the collection are some spectacular Jade goodies much like the the ones thieves pinched this month.

The move is being seen by some as an important step for the museum as it attempts to salvage its reputation in the fall-out from a security failing which saw the valuable items snatched.

However, with the Fitz still investigating how thieves were able to steal 18 valuable items just two weeks ago, the safety of such precious treasures must still be in doubt.

A Fitz spokeswoman did nothing to restore confidence when questioned, telling The Tab that “it would be inappropriate to comment about the museum’s security measures” in the wake of the ongoing police enquiry.

Police still seeking to recover the items believe they have identified a van used in the getaway, but airports and ports are still on high alert with the perpetrators still at large.

The exhibition will open next week and run for 6 months.