Forever Young

Everyone’s favourite babygro embodies the best of student life.

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Onesies. A piece of clothing we’ve seeing more and more of lately.  I can see the appeal of them at your average Mahal swap if you don’t want to get your nice jeans engulfed in a tidal wave of curry.

But I know of people who will wear a onesie all day instead of getting dressed. Rather than just a sign of laziness, it seems that perhaps this represents a broader trend in student life.

Good to see we’re growing down…

Infantilisation is so hot right now. I came to Cambridge expecting I would discover many interesting new films, perhaps foreign or in black or white, widening my cultural horizons.

Instead I have spent much of my time watching old Disney films.  I have discussed with friends for hours the comparative merits of Spongebob Squarepants and Fairly Odd Parents, of Blue Peter and Raven.

But it’s not just culturally that it seems we’ve regressed.  The very pattern of our lives as students is quite childlike.  The diet staple chocolate and biscuits constitute. The constant naps (without which we get very cranky).  The aforementioned food fights in the Mahal.

Like a child relying on their parents we can have all our food prepared for us in Hall and most of us get our rooms cleaned by bedders (soz Newnham).

The onesie seems to be the perfect embodiment of this child-like existence, being essentially an adult babygro.  Wearing a onesie is a complete rejection of ‘adultness’.

And is this lifestyle a bad thing?  In my humble opinion not particularly.  Student life is a strange point of limbo between childhood and the real adult of world of jobs and taxes.  Faced with this scary prospect, it’s hardly surprising that many of us choose to hearken back to the safety of our earlier years.

Having just had my Halfway Hall, I know that this puerile bliss can’t last.  But never mind about the future – my DVD of the Lion King has just arrived.