Tab Treats: Keep Calm and Curry On

Another curry pun and an entertaining dish for five.

Blame will get us nowhere

Ambiguity, swaps, and the blame game.

Shock and Law

The Red Tops are blowing the law exam way out of proportion, says CHRIS ROWLANDS. He’s seen things you can’t even imagine.

Boris St. Johnson Breaks His Silence

Boris St. Johnson speaks out about his controversial three years at Cambridge…

Si Burdus riding to Mahal’s rescue

Cambridge legend Simon Burdus is bidding to save the Mahal


Cambridge’s most illustrious swap venue may have served students for the last time.

The Tab’s Top Swap Spots

If you’re gonna do it, do it right, says LAUREN CHAPLIN, who gives us the low-down on Cambridge’s best swap locations.

Sober At Cindies

LAUREN CHAPLIN throws all caution to the wind and goes to Cindies sober…

PidgeSecret: Episode One

It’s only been a week but the project has taken off already – here’s our first batch of PidgeSecrets.

Forever Young

Everyone’s favourite babygro embodies the best of student life.

Value Wine for Party Time

In the name of dedicated journalism, DAVID PARKE and friends try the cheapest of the cheap in the wine stakes.

Dude, Where’s My Trophy?

The Water Polo Trophy was flaunted worldwide by Oxford, who KIDNAPPED it after losing the Varsity game.

Going Sober: Ten Days T-total

Cindies without VK’s? Life without Vodka-Red Bulls? POPPY DAMON embarks on a spiritual journey…

Cambridge Lads? That’s Shit Chat, Mate

When did ‘banter’ get so bloody boring?

Are Swaps Sexist?

Lets face it: swaps are about sex. But that doesn’t mean they are sexist.

Cambridge Urban Dictionary

Cambridge is a weird place, so we’ve come up with some new words to help you describe the madness that is C-town.

Uncle A: Being A Lad

UNCLE A gives his advice for organising swaps and being a massive lad.

Freshers 2011: Cambridge A-Z, Part 2

Things get messy in part two as we visit Kambar, Life and, of course, the Mahal.

The Life of a Drinking Society President

May Week might mean garden parties and balls for you, but for a drinking society president, it means organising a whole lot of initiations. PENNY ROBERTSON, president of The Thunderbirds gives us her verdict.

Freshers: Don’t Fret About The Future

PIPPA CALVIN explains why it’s much too early for freshers to get stressed out about the future.