Pembroke students have beef with catering over constant ‘cultural misrepresentation’

The staff were “upset” they had offended students

The News Bulletin, Week 4: Cantab cretins, editorial errors & upset Evangelical hipsters

Jack Benda and Ellie Olcott round up the weekly news

Tab Treats: Keep Calm and Curry On

Another curry pun and an entertaining dish for five.

Whine of the Week: Kisses in texts

Let’s get angry about letters in messages

GERIATRIC CARNAGE: Cambridge Alumni Wreak Havoc on Caesarian Sunday

In an annual tradition that plagues drinking societies across Cambridge, old boys return and run riot.

Cooking With the Cows

LEAF ARBUTHNOT shares her recipe for Thai Green Curry and forces the cast of CowsDrinkMilk to cook it for her.

Sex In The Cam

In the first instalment of our new sex column, we discover just how ruthlessly efficient Germans can be in the bedroom.

Mahal and Me

As his bid to take over the Mahal tragically fails, SIMON BURDUS looks back on the glory days of our infamous restaurant.


Cambridge’s most illustrious swap venue may have served students for the last time.

Forever Young

Everyone’s favourite babygro embodies the best of student life.

Going Sober: Ten Days T-total

Cindies without VK’s? Life without Vodka-Red Bulls? POPPY DAMON embarks on a spiritual journey…

It’s The News!

Slap me down and call me Charlie, here comes the satire!

Tom Davenport

Clandestine prince, TOM DAVENPORT, reports back from a night of sodomy and destruction at The Mahal.

Make Your Own Mahal

Sick of spending £12 on swap currys that you won’t remember? Let NICOLA BARTLETT teach you how to make your own.

Swap Shockers

We asked readers to send in their most memorable and shocking swap experiences. See if you recognise anyone.