REVIEW: When You Improv On A Star-An Improvised Disney Musical

The Cambridge Impronauts have produced an Exam Term crowd-pleaser, says Joseph Spencer.

Cambridge First Year told in Disney Songs

A tale as old as time

Review: CUPO Presents Disney in Trinity 3; Be Our Guest

Will Popplewell put CUPO’s ‘service to the test’ and was completely blown away. He really cannot ‘let it go’.

Disney in Trinity 2: The Bells of Notre Dame

KIT FOWLER was taken on a magic carpet ride by the university pop orchestra’s night of Disney hits.

Wreck-It Ralph

Disclaimer: this is not a Pixar film. But it’s still got some charm, writes ALEX KEMP.


An “intelligent, frightening and ultimately heart-breaking spectacle”, JAMES MITCHELL hails the Palme d’OR winner as an artistic triumph (but still thinks it should come with a warning).

Cambridge University Chamber Orchestra

HARRY DADSWELL enjoys a competent CUCO performance, but wishes they could just be a bit more, well, daring.

Forever Young

Everyone’s favourite babygro embodies the best of student life.

A Children’s Guide to the Birth of Christ

AMI JONES is brought right back to her school days. And no, not in a bad way.

CU Show Choir

RHONDA NICHOLL sneaks out to sing the praises of Cambridge’s latest medley of musical morsels, and assures you that it’s OK for you to do the same.

Once Upon a Dream

ABBIE SAUNDERS gets all animated over a musical Disney binge. She may even have been singing along.

Theatre Guide Duke: Week 1

The newly-sceptered THEATRE GUIDE DUKE holds audience with the serfs of Cambridge and dispenses infallible wisdom ex cathedra.

So What Did YOU Do This Summer?

Following Deputy Editor Ellie Pithers’ diatribe on the unpaid internship, JENNA CORDEROY offers her pick of some of the best internships of the summer and how to get them.

Review: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

JESS STEWART: Nicholas Cage attempts to channel his inner Aragorn. “Instead, what we’re hearing is, ‘Big Issue, anyone?'”

Review: Prince of Persia

JESS STEWART and ROSE HILLS: “Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time’ is Disney’s latest outing, jumping on the big-budget, action-fuelled, perhaps-hinting-at-a-moral-message whilst simultaneously parading leather-clad Hollywood flesh bandwagon.’

Review: Tales of Terror

ANGELA LIU: ‘Despite having its moments, overall the performance was less Tales of Terror and more Tales of Tedium.’

Review: Alice in Wonderland

SUZANNE BURLTON: ‘this was like seeing a school play – but a good one.’

Review: The Blind Side

JESS STEWART: ‘The film is so brilliantly chirpy’ but still ‘There’s room in this plot for both Disney-style optimism, and edgy realism’.

Dry Your Eyes, Mate

ELLIE PITHERS on why crying men should stay in the cupboard.