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Are Swaps Just For Drinking?

What are we actually swapping?

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There is nothing trivial about sexual harassment

Swaps, clubs, and opening up about sexual harassment in Cambridge

Let’s talk class at Cambridge

If the height of persecution for public school boys is a satirical article in The Tab, then that might be part of the problem

JOHN’S BOYS EXPOSED: “Fine if you’ve tried having sex with a passed out girl”

Accusations of an “old school, elitist Cambridge” culture are rocking the college

From Town to Gown: bridging the gap

Sleeping with the Enemy

Meet the new Cambridge punters drinking society

We’ve hunted down the newly-established ‘Grex Club’, a punter-only drinking society offering swaps with Cantabs

I’m sick of your moralising social-prescriptivist bollocks

On Sunday nights MILO EDWARDS and his friends wear ties, go on swaps and end up in Life. Get over it

Why I make small-talk with my rapist

After this term’s consent workshops, an anonymous rape survivor speaks out

Summer holiday made me stoopid

Cambridge vacations make you really stupid like, argues JOE GOODMAN


Serious argy bhaji at Curry King as students and alumni fight in mass brawl.

Organised Fun and Caesarian Sun

ALEX PORTER is baffled by the Cambridge social scene.

Tab Tries: Writing For The Tab

CLAUDIA LEONG writes for the Tab, and is ostracised for it.

Mahal and Me

As his bid to take over the Mahal tragically fails, SIMON BURDUS looks back on the glory days of our infamous restaurant.

The Truth Behind Teetotalism

‘At the end of the night, I’m not the one left quietly mewing into my own sick’ – MOLLIE WINTLE chats to some Cantab teetotalers about their experiences of being booze-free.

Katie Zinser: Week 3

KATIE talks technology and long-distance friendships.

Forever Young

Everyone’s favourite babygro embodies the best of student life.

Value Wine for Party Time

In the name of dedicated journalism, DAVID PARKE and friends try the cheapest of the cheap in the wine stakes.

Going Sober: Ten Days T-total

Cindies without VK’s? Life without Vodka-Red Bulls? POPPY DAMON embarks on a spiritual journey…

Exposed: The Cambridge Craigslist

Exposed: The Cambridge Craigslist…Not for the faint-hearted.

Christmas-thighs, mistle-boobs and pies: time to shape up!

Ashamed to show your fat arse when dropping the soap in the showers? KATIE MAIR show you how to shape up around Cambridge.