Cash Hidden In UL For… Poems?

Mysterious tricksters have hidden £100 in the UL, and all they want in return is… poetry.

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The shadowy stacks of the UL contain many secrets. And now a mysterious group with a lust for poetry have added one more.

‘Eliot’s 100’ have decided to make everyone’s secret fantasy of a giant treasure hunt in the UL a reality, by hiding £100 somewhere in the building’s maze of corridors.

They are asking eager treasure-hunters to send them a poem (to [email protected]) to get a secret clue about the whereabouts of the cash. A mysterious video at explains the premise of the game.

Simple request – a moment from Eliot’s 100’s video

The idea behind the venture is to get Cantabs to find their inner Wordsworth, even if they’ve never tried their hands at poetry before.

Eliot’s 100 told The Tab: “We think that people in Cambridge don’t create enough, so we really want to give them an incentive.

“We also love the UL and had so much fun hiding all the money in places where you’d only find it if you were looking for it. The dark corners of the UL are VERY scary!”

The scheme has already got Cambridge students excited. Clare Mohan, a third-year Selwynite, says: ‘I think it’s a really cool idea,’ adding ‘But what if someone finds it by accident?’

Cantabs are advised to get searching before others get their hands on the hoard. And let’s face it, does anyone need to be asked twice to run around the UL and win money for it? Thought not.