Girton To Give Cash For Flair

Girton are offering wads of cash in a new competition for anyone who fancies themselves as the next big name in Cambridge.

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Girton is offering a cash prize of up to £20,000 in order to find the next Alan Sugar among the student population.

Girton Entrepreneurship prize is offering “between £5,000 and £20,000” to help students kick-start their businesses.

The project aims to inspire students to get creative and innovative. The cash would then go towards helping the winners get their ideas up and running.

The prize is being funded by Girton old boy-done-good, Asim Mumtaz. He founded his own company, Enecsys, a venture spun out of his PhD research.

Students can apply on their own or in teams depending on what they fancy. They have to write a 4-8 side proposal, and shortlisted entries will see a panel of judges in February.

While any student can apply, the prize does prioritise Girton students. The rules state that there must be at least one Girtonian on board, “preferably the team leader.”

A second year engineer from Robinson told The Tab: “I would have entered but how am I meant to know anybody from Girton? No chance, its absolutely miles away.”

There’s a lot of entrepreneurial flair already knocking about Cambridge. Earlier this term a Downing fresher was nominated for a major award for her invention, while a Clare fresher bagged £3,000 for her work on stem cell research.

Entries must be received at Girton Porters’ Lodge by noon on Wednesday 30th November or by email to [email protected]. More info can be found HERE.