Nightclub Owner Folds BUT CINDIES STAYS (for now)

Cambridge clubs are in trouble as huge financial problems hit owners. But they will remain open for the time being.

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The company that owns Cindies and Life has gone into administration, but the clubs will NOT CLOSE in the near future.

Nightclub operator Luminar announced yesterday that it has gone into financial administration.

The company is in charge of over 70 nightclubs nationwide, including the Liquid and Oceana chains, as well as Cambridge stalwarts Cindies and Life.

Cindies reassures partygoers on Twitter

Luminar has been in hot water financially for years, and threw the towel when a huge loan extension ran out and wasn’t renewed.

The Tab have learnt that Cindies and Life were visited by auditors today, but both clubs will remain open as normal, at least until the end of term.

A spokesperson for Luminar told The Tab: “Both Life and Cindies [will] carry on trading as normal – all the nights [will] carry on as they are.”

Simon Burdus, Managing Director of Big Fish Ents who host weekly nights at both clubs is hopeful that they’ll manage to find new financial backing. “Don’t panic just yet,” he told The Tab.

Cindies was recently visited by X Factor’s Wagner

Students were glad to hear that rumours of immediate closure aren’t true and that their favourite haunts aren’t going anywhere just yet. Ben Foster, a third-year Bio NatSci at Selwyn said: “Cindies is part of the Cambridge uni night life culture. The typical cheese and VKs make it a landmark place for many students. It’s almost part of tradition for some and I’m glad it’s not going to close down.”

Phil Liebman, a Clare NatSci, was also relieved, saying: “I was worried that I would have nowhere left to get drunk and cover myself in middle class sweat.”

The pair of clubs are looking to find a new buyer by Christmas – and if they do then we probably won’t notice any difference.

This news comes just weeks after it emerged that Fez may also face closure and get turned into flats and a restaurant.

But rest assured, The Tab won’t be taking this one lying down. Keep your eyes peeled for more coverage of our Save Cambridge’s Clubs campaign.