simon burdus

Mahal and Me

As his bid to take over the Mahal tragically fails, SIMON BURDUS looks back on the glory days of our infamous restaurant.

Si Burdus riding to Mahal’s rescue

Cambridge legend Simon Burdus is bidding to save the Mahal

Si B Says Bye To Big Fish Ents

Nightlife icon and much-loved Cambridge personality Simon Burdus is leaving Cambridge for pastures new. Everybody’s sad.

Nightclub Owner Folds BUT CINDIES STAYS (for now)

Cambridge clubs are in trouble as huge financial problems hit owners. But they will remain open for the time being.

Wagner And Peaches To Hit Cindies

X Factor star Wagner and celeb Peaches Geldof are the latest stars to hit Cambridge, with both appearing in Cindies this week.

UPDATE: Soul Tree Shuts Its Doors

Following yesterday’s suprise closure, Soul Tree is being turned into beach themed nightclub Lola Lo.

LIVE BLOG: Old Schools Occupation

The Occupation is now formally over. Did they end in style or in disgrace? Only you can decide.

CUSU Facebook Gaffe As Ents War Resumes

EXCLUSIVE: CUSU attempt to censure Big Fish Facebook group as Ents war turns nasty again.