How to Get Up For The Rugby World Cup

Planning on watching tomorrows Rugby World Cup game? MICHAEL ALHADEFF recommends a heavy dose of booze, baked beans and pro plus.

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Let’s be honest, a World Cup in New Zealand is less than ideal. Far from ideal. Great location, great people, but the time difference means that most of the games are played at ungodly hours. What an inconvenience.

As the World Cup meandered through the preliminary stages, it was manageable. The temptation to get out of bed at 3am to watch a heavy-duty clash between Georgia and Romania was virtually nil. But the knock-out stages are a completely different matter.
This is when the World Cup starts getting serious. There is no easy opponent, no second chance. It’s 80 minutes of knock out test match rugby. Luckily, our southern hemisphere hosts have shown us some mercy by moving most kick-offs to 8.30am. That’s still rather early. But don’t worry, I’ve taken it upon myself to come up with some ways which will allow to enjoy these early morning rugby feasts.

The continuous lash

One solution to the problem is very simple. Just don’t stop. It’s pretty simple, just keep the weekend party going. Let the party turn into pre-match rugby banter. It ought to be a smooth transition. Make sure stocks are high and there should be no problem.
This weekend is particularly ideal. That first bop can provide a wonderful lead-up to Agincourt part 67 tomorrow. What better way to prepare for one of the world’s oldest rivalries.

If you are little concerned about how to fill the time then don’t panic. There’s a tasty little hors d’oeuvres at 6am between two southern hemisphere giants. Australia vs. South Africa should serve as the perfect impetus to keep going. Talking of which, a concoction of Red Bull and Pro Plus is a must. Even the most ardent rugby fan is going to need a bit of a helping hand.

Full English with a pint

Alternatively, you can get the booze flowing early in the morning. What better combination than a glorious Full English and a pint of lager? Forget tea or coffee, a pint is the perfect way to wash down all that grease. Wake up an hour or so before kick-off to make sure you can tuck in when it gets going.

This option has the advantage of greater alertness during the match. You simply can’t nod off when England are banging on the try line. It would be unacceptable.

The dozy fan

If these options still don’t appeal, then there’s one left. Stay in bed. This guarantees maximum time asleep – a maximum of two minutes before kick-off is needed. Wake up bleared eyed and whack the computer on. It really is that easy.

You can have the advantage of watching Moody & co. from the comfort of your own bed. They are doing all the hard work anyway.
Yes, New Zealand might be very far away with a very awkward time zone but The Tab has found you ways round this problem. All options are possible, all have their advantages. You decide. One thing is clear though, you simply have to get up.