Thieves Dump Boatie Booty

£4000 worth of stolen Uni rowing equipment has been found DUMPED outside Milton Community Centre.

Cambridge University cuwbc milton community centre Rowing thieves

£4000 worth of stolen rowing equipment has been found DUMPED outside Milton Community Centre, just three miles from where it was nicked.

The thieves, who swiped the gear from a locked car park, have abandoned their loot – without so much as a cox box out of place.

The trailer, belonging to Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club (CUWBC), was discovered missing on the 28th September.

CUWBC president Elizabeth Polgreen told a source of her joy that the loot had been discovered: “It was reported to us that a trailer containing CUWBC equipment had been seen at Milton Community Centre, so, after informing the police, we drove over and collected it.”

Shockingly, it took days for the police to realise that the mysterious trailer belonged to the female blues.

It was not until passerby Colin Nunn recognised the trailer that had been taken from the car park on Logan’s Way that CUWBC was reunited with its equipment.

Fortunately, the thieves had only partially dismantled the trailer and nicked its jockey wheel, leaving the contents unplundered.

Polgreen confirmed that “Everything that had been left in the trailer was still there.”

Hapless thieves are thought to have been underwhelmed by their miserable booty of boatie accessories: sculling blades, lifejackets, shoes, seats, and “other bits and pieces” said Polgreen.

An investigation is underway but no arrests have yet been made.