Love is in the Air

We take a look at all things delightful about Valentines Day: how to put some romance into your wardrobe.

cute femme fatale valentine's day what to wear



Well, Valentines Day is all about love. Whether it’s for the lucky love of your life/week/this moment, yourself, or something that makes you go all gooey-eyed, it’s time to celebrate that classic linking of hearts and minds: romance and fashion. You can incorporate love into your wardrobe in SO many ways: with just a touch of romance, by throwing on something red, pink, with hearts on, or simply by wearing your heart on your sleeve (especially easy with the Tate’s ‘Love’ brooch). Similarly, by embracing the cutesy, heart and gingham end of the spectrum, or by letting your inner femme fatale loose (we’ve all got one), you’re essentially having a fashion love-in with your wardrobe and looking fabulous to boot. This whimsical dash of romance is actually perfect for the Cambridge lifestyle: a flash of scarlet, sexy heels or a cutesy headscarf all look stunning when viewed zooming by on a bike en route to lectures, and will put a smile on your face all day long (a total necessity in what seems like the longest winter EVER).



So, whatever you’re doing this Valentines day, be sure to embrace some of the general romance in the air and put some pizzazz into whatever you’re wearing. A flash of scarlet, some fabulous underwear, sexy shoes, a cute heart-related accessory if you’re that way inclined, and guaranteed you’ll have a day of love. Forever and ever. And then you can pick your own final accessory: your own funny Valentine