valentine’s day

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Don’t let not being a party animal stop you finding love!

Who doesn’t want wholesome blind dates?

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Live-tweeting my Valentine’s Day

How can I be lonely if I share my life with the whole of Cambridge? Logic.

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An open letter to Valentine’s Day

Y r u like this?

What your subject tells you about love

Thank God I don’t do Phys Natsci

Your Valentine’s Day supervision is basically a date

All the glory of a committed relationship in one hour of supo time

The different types of college marriage you’ll see this Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue,
My dreams are dead, I’ll make do with a 2:2.

The News Roundup Week 3: Protests and Post-Truth Propaganda

You’ve stopped caring about things that happen in Cambridge by week 3, so let us summarise it for you.

Tab Tries: Ordering three small Domino’s pizzas

We’ve really gone all out this time – what a Herculean monstrosity of a task.

VOTE NOW: You can’t sit with us – Couples’ Edition

As we near Valentine’s Day, we present you with our best dressed couples

Overly affectionate Facebook couples need to stop

If you think this could apply to you, it almost certainly does

Tabony Aunt: Valentine’s Day edition

THE TAB hears all of your relationship woes and gives helpful advice

Which subject is sexiest?

Valentine’s Day. Students. Sex. Cliche.

What kind of date is your college?

Yep, it’s fucking Valentine’s Day today

Tab Lonely Hearts Round 2

The perils of polyamory

Everyone assumes that every sexual encounter you have is an orgy. They’re right

Romance is dead, long live romance?

Louis Shankar: Week Four

Valentine’s Day: The singleton’s nightmare

Love is the worst.

Elly Booth – I fancy you

ELLY BOOTH really fancies you. Or at least she wishes she did. Cuz that would be more exciting.

SEX SURVEY RESULTS: How many partners?

We reveal how much sex you’ve all been having in comparison to other Universities

What I’m doing on Valentine’s Day

Will you be kissing on King’s Parade or whisking up a gourmet meal for one? Find out what our team are up to on this pink-frilled day…