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Don’t let not being a party animal stop you finding love!

Who doesn’t want wholesome blind dates?

RAG valentine's day

That time of year is back again. Shops fill up with festive chocolates and extravagant bouquets of flowers and that self-loathing hits an all-time high (as if that was possible). But with RAG blind dates around the corner you might find yourself The One in time for Valentine’s Day, or find someone to share the resentment with.

So get yourself down to your college’s ‘Love Doctor’ and have a great night meeting someone new and helping out a charity.

Hopefully no needles *shudder*

I thought I’d put forward some blind date ideas, considering Spoons might get a bit crowded on the 13th if we all turn up and, for some, that might not be their style.

How about getting to know each other while cooking dinner? It didn’t work for Miranda, but it is certainly a great way to get to know someone and a good measure of how much of a control-freak they are. Also, if your date comes from a college that has ovens, use your privilege and literally cook anything using it. I'm talking about pizza, chips, onions rings, lasagne – you name it. Love is almost guaranteed if someone if able to offer me oven-cooked goods (you oven colleges don’t know how lucky you are).

If you can make your gyp look this good….

About this time in Lent term there are also lots of student plays being performed, so the ever-present footlights is also an idea. It provides gentle entertainment for the date, but is a little anti-social so make sure you spend time together afterwards. If you find yourself in the worst case scenario of having nothing in common, you just watched a show you can chat about and critique so perhaps this is the right idea if you are worried about chit-chat on your date.

Needless to say, there are also LOADS of restaurants and bars in Cambridge to can choose from. If you’ve got money to splash, the Cambridge Distillery has lots of gin-related sessions you can sign up for. Or just go for the tried and tested dinner that’s relatively cheap but tasty and not too busy.

You could go traditional Cambridge and try punting. You probably think it’s insanely freezing out, in which you are correct, but something about wrapping up warm, bringing a blanket and being cosy on a punt seems a lovely way to spend a date. Maybe even spice it up with a hip-flask or student equivalent to keep yourself warm. If you head out at around 4pm, as dusk hits the river the scene will be quite sweet with the lighting along the river bank (albeit a bit unnerving for fellow wimps).

Romantic river ride? Yes please.

If none of that appealed, the leisure centre has loads of offers mid-week for students and there is a range of things you can do. Show off your sporting prowess at bowling or use the ramp-thing to show how little dignity you have. Sing Dizzy anyone?

But remember kids, stay safe on your blind dates and although it’s all regulated by the RAG team, don’t meet your date somewhere shifty. Above all, don’t feel pressure to do things you don’t want to.