Tom Whittaker
English student at Pembroke - headlines promise big but articles underwhelm

Which manhole cover is your college?

Week 7 and we’re scraping the bottom of the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel of scrapings

The Cambridge Easter Term Bucket List

Finding the fun in the joyless.

REVIEW: Constellations

Bees meet String Theory, with surprising results for barbeques everywhere

REVIEW: Hay Fever

Lashings of 1920s style gallivanting around – hurrah! Jolly good show.

Tab Tries: Ordering three small Domino’s pizzas

We’ve really gone all out this time – what a Herculean monstrosity of a task.

REVIEW: Lulu: A Carnal Tragedy

I will never look at asparagus the same way again.

REVIEW: A Life of Galileo

Or: ‘ – The Play’

REVIEW: Ken Cheng: Chinese Comedian

Definitely not falsely advertised