VOTE NOW: You can’t sit with us – Couples’ Edition

As we near Valentine’s Day, we present you with our best dressed couples

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Not only is it shit being single on Valentine’s Day, it’s even worse when couples like Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez celebrate the bitch that is natural selection. Stop flaunting your combined fitness – we know you’re awesome.

On a tenuously related note, check out the well-dressed couples below and decide who should win this week’s edition.


Sophia, History of Art; Ed, Theology

These two combine sleek and chic with tailored jackets and minimal accessories. As a duo, their colour palettes complement each other seamlessly. Understated, yet undeniably classy.

Emma and  Christ’s

George, Theology; Anna, Architecture

These two tick all sorts of boxes, from varied fabrics to layering shirts. Anna’s trousers are on-point: they’re not only rib, but pulled off effortlessly.

But who wins?