The Tab meets: Love Art After Dark

The Tab talks arty indulgence and ‘saggy realness’ with Coralie Malissard, Lizzie Marx and Zac Rose, the brains behind Love Art After Dark, a nocturnal Art event.

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So, Love Art After Dark – how long has it been going now?

C: I think it’s in its seventh year now, but it’s still quite new. This is the first year that we’ve added new elements – we’re having life drawing sessions for the first 15 people in an intimate space amid the hustle and bustle, using art which reflects the body as it is.

L: We chose a room which has the most ‘nudes as inspiration’ in it as well – and not the traditional Venuses, we’re talking fleshy…

Z: Saggy realness.

So a new perspective on nudity?

C: A new perspective on art – one thing which we have to accept about art is that it reflects life.

Z: This is the undercurrent of the whole event – getting people who haven’t come to the Fitzwilliam Museum but walk by it every day to reclaim that sense of ownership. It is a free museum…

C: And the university museum! Problem is, it seems almost like an institution, which is not where you would like to spend your free time. The magic of the night is about discovering all the secret rooms and different atmospheres, which we’re trying to bring together with music and acts.


Love Art After Dark is two days before Valentine’s Day – intentional?

C: Bring your RAG blind date! Make it less awkward – this way you don’t have to talk!

L: The timing is a perfect coincidence. It was supposed to be in Michaelmas but with the building work that wasn’t possible, but it came together perfectly.

C: One of the aims was to open up the museum to those who otherwise wouldn’t know about how modern it is… We wanted to bring a modern vibe.

 To raise awareness?

Z: Absolutely. It’s not just a ‘walk-in, don’t know what to do for two hours’ affair – there are lots of scheduled activities…

L: It’s pretty intense. You’re spoiled for choice.

C: We’re really pleased that the curators are giving their time to give quick talks in front of pieces to small groups, meaning you can listen, while also getting a drink and listening to a DJ.

Have you found it easy to work with the Fitz?

Z: They were so happy to work with the committee to make this as successful as possible. Their goal is to get students interested, not put a big piece of glass around the art.

L: It was very much our ‘vision’, which was supported by the Fitz.

C: At the same time, there may be free drinks and music but it isn’t exactly a party – it is still a place of culture, so it is necessary to find a balance.

See the John Craxton exhibition for yourself this wednesday

Is the event entirely student run?

L: The committee is entirely students, working along the Fitz staff –they’re awesome people who really know their shit.

Z: The new director is quite hipster-y and wants to change the tone of the museum a bit, which is really reflected in the modern approach of the event!

C: Love Art After Dark exists within a framework, but we wanted to show that there is more that can be done with the Fitz. A couple of years back a student was able to mount his own exhibition within the museum’s courtyard – there are loads of opportunities, but you have to think outside the box. It’s an opportunity for us to experiment with an event, and see what works.

L: Museums are great!

Z: Especially this one! Experienced through this event!

Love Art After Dark takes place at the Fitzwilliam Museum this Wednesday at 6.30pm. There is a champagne reception for members of the Fitzwilliam Museum Society – for more information visit the Facebook page