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Brookes officially adopting ‘Brookes not books’ as its new marketing material

The university has said it is proud of its students’ honesty about their own intelligence

Oxford Brookes University have announced today that they are officially coining the infamous phrase used by students, ‘Brookes not books’.

The phrase has been coined by Brookes students due to many of the student body going to Brookes because their private school education didn’t manage to get them into a Russell Group university.

Brookes students normally only allow themselves to say this phrase due to it being common knowledge that you don’t exactly need to have the top grades to get into the uni, but normally, we get offended if anyone else tries to use it to take the piss.

However, it appears that Oxford Brookes have officially taken ownership over them being the BTEC University of Oxford and decided to use ‘Brookes not books’ as part of their marketing campaign for open and applicant days.

The phrase will be on all the normal merchandise available on open days, including a ‘Brookes not books’ pen and matching pink or green tote bag.

Instead of the ‘Never stop exploring’ phrase that is often on posters seen around the Headington campus, ‘Brookes not books’ will be the new phrase representing the university.

The university has said that it is proud of its students’ honesty about their own intelligence and think that embracing the phrase will help boost them up university leaderboards.

Brookes student Charlie Hollings, a student who has gotten a ‘Brookes not books’ tattoo since joining the university, said he was “excited because the university have finally listened” to his idea that they should coin the phrase for their marketing campaign.

April Fools!

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