Here’s some things to do in Oxford if you’re bored in lockdown

The electric scooters are next level

Lockdown has been going on for quite a while now but for some of you, this might be your first time back in Oxford for a while because your course is practical and has called you in, or you’ve got so bored of watching Gogglebox every Friday night with your family that it was time to move back to save your sanity.

However, you’ve probably come back expecting uni to be a bit more lively and been hit with the reality that lockdown in your uni town is unfortunately not a lot better than lockdown in your home town; there’s no pubs open for a pint and no clubs to dance your boredom away in.

Mid-semester deadlines are setting in, dissertation deadlines are on the horizon, and all your housemates’ lectures are on at different times so no one is around to go on your daily walk at the same time.

So, luckily for you, we’ve composed a list of things you can do in Oxford if you’re already bored of being back.

Hire an electric scooter

You might have seem them on the ends of all the streets along Morrell Avenue and in various points in Headington- Oxford now has electric scooters! All you have to do is download the Voi app and allow them to see your location and you should be able to go and hire them.

The map on the app shows you where they’re parked and how many are parked up there. You go onto the app and scan the QR code, add your bank details and scan your driver’s license to verify that you can ride them. They charge 20p per minute, or you can pay £10 for a 24 hour pass.

But, the scooters are not available to use at night, so don’t think you can have a scoot around on them when you’re pissed. They actually pick up quite a speed when they get going so they’re perfect for even just going up Morrell Avenue when you can’t be arsed to walk.

Join a society

Uni at the moment can be quite isolating but some societies are still running online events for you to join. Brookes Women in Business Society are running online webinars and Netflix parties of films to watch with other members of the society. Songwriting Society is a new society to improve your writing skills and to collaborate with others.

The International Political Society started this academic year and has grown during lockdown. The Guild Society are having at least one but usually two or three meetings a week and the Drama Society are running Zoom meetings this semester and attempting to put on a play too.

It’s never too late to join a society for something that you love, or for something you’re interested in; you never know, you could find a new best mate by putting yourself out there.

Image may contain: Alcohol, Drink, Beverage, Glasses, Accessory, Accessories, Face, Electronics, Screen, Display, Monitor, Party, Person, HumanStart Couch to 5k

I never thoughtI’d be able to run 5k as someone who hasn’t been physically fit since primary school but starting Couch to 5k in Lockdown Three has made it seem possible. Download the Couch to 5k BBC app and choose your ‘coach’; this will be the person that is giving you instructions whilst you run. I chose Jo Whiley as I didn’t think she would be annoying and it was the right choice.

The plan spans across nine weeks and gets you to slowly build up your stamina. I thought that this would be one of those unrealistic apps that made you do too much too soon but I have been pleasantly surprised and found that despite each length of run increasing every week, I’ve been able to complete each run and it’s left me feeling pretty proud of myself.

Plus, you get to take in the views of Oxford as you do it and be one of those people running along the river that you never thought you’d be.

Find new places to walk

For walks that are doable from your front door, you can walk around University Parks in town, through Christ Church Meadow in town and along the river, which you can get to from town or from off Iffley Road and Iffley Lock.

If you’re lucky enough to have your car in Oxford, or you have a mate that you can force to drive you, there are other places such as Shotover Country Park and Cutteslowe and Sunnymead Park that are nice to go to if you’re bored of the same walks nearby in Oxford.

Go to Oxford Botanical Gardens

Oxford Botanical Gardens are currently open and are free for Oxford Brookes students to visit. You have to pre-book so go online here to pre-book tickets for a specific date and time.

It’s the perfect place to go for Instagram pictures so get out all the clothes from Zara that you shouldn’t have bought over lockdown and get ready to have content like a proper influencer.

Have a weekly themed night

My housemates and I started doing this when we moved back to uni. Every week, we pick a country and we have a night themed around that country. We make food from that country (with dessert ofc), we make drinks from that country and we even try and listen to music from that country when we’re eating dinner.

It’s fun because you have something to look forward to every week and you have to try and find the right alcohol and food for the country theme; for Mexican night, we had fajitas and margaritas and for Spanish night, we made a paella and drank pre-made cartons of sangria from Tesco.

Support a small business

You might not be able to go out to eat (thanks Boris) but you can still get takeaway from a lot of small businesses in Oxford that need your help to survive this lockdown so that they can open properly when restrictions allow.

Find some small businesses to support here and post a story on your Instagram to show your support; it could gain them customers and help them survive!

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