Oxford Brookes announces adjustments to assessments

They have extended the grace period

Oxford Brookes have emailed students today to announce adjustments being made to assignments in Semester One and policies they’re both continuing and introducing for Semester Two.

In the email sent to students today, the university said: “We are now extending the Grace Period again to five (calendar) days for Semester 2, starting from 25 January.”

The email also went on to say: “If a student failed any assessments on Semester 1 module(s) the University will: waive the requirement for students to have attempted an assessment in order to be eligible for a resit. Offer capped resits (where the maximum mark you can achieve is the minimum pass mark for the module or assignment in question) for the failed component (unless Exceptional Circumstances were awarded, in which case the resit mark will be uncapped), unless the student has already passed the module via their performance on other assessments. For students with Semester 3 resits only, ‘compensated pass’ rules can be applied by Exam Committees (up to a maximum of two module credits at Level 4 and a maximum of one module credit at Level 5).”

For dissertations and final projects, the university said: “As requirements vary between programmes, each programme will determine if any extensions to the deadline for dissertations or final year projects will be offered. Programme teams will contact students directly if any extension is appropriate.”

The university also mentioned their new ‘camera on’ policy: “To help you get the most from online teaching, from Semester 2 we are asking all students to have their cameras switched on for online classes.”

The university also said that they are expecting face-to-face teaching to resume this semester when they are advised by the government that it is safe to do so. They are asking students to “update your Covid Learning Status into Student Information to indicate if you will notbe able to attend face-to-face teaching”.

The email also reminded students to reach out to wellbeing and student support services if they were needed.

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