Brookes have started sending out weekly lockdown care packages

Free Drumstick lollies? Don’t mind if I do

Since the current national lockdown went into effect, the Brookes Students’ Union have been sending lockdown packages for students living in halls this year. They get sent out every Wednesday and honest to God, at this point in the semester it’s the highlight of the week for me.

The very first package was pretty God-tier with its colourised, spiral bound Gather and Gather recipe book featuring vegan recipes for all you Cheney gals out there. Not sure who is baking fritters or vegan apricot and oat energy bites at uni but if you wanna be mates….

It also included a yellow rubber duck that squeaks when you squeeze it so you can treat your flatmates like the dog you always wanted.  Now, no matter how long this lockdown ends up going on for, at least you will never be lonely in the company of a yellow rubber duck which also serves as a passive-aggressive reminder you can’t wash your troubles away with a bath bomb from Lush if you’re living in halls.

The colouring book that came fully equipped with the bluntest pencils known to man was a personal favourite of mine. I’ve now spent many a procrastination session colouring in snowflakes and squares, ignoring my assignments and living my best life. Adult colouring books were a thing once – I say bring them back for the stressed student. Hopefully one of the next packages includes another set of colouring pencils or a sharpener.

Other notable mentions include: The cookie recipe card and ingredients, a handful of sweets, an incredibly frustrating flimsy game, a standard pack of cards for post-lockdown games of Ring of Fire and two cans of what is very possibly the world’s worst energy drink- stick to protein bars, Grenade.

Overall it’s a solid seven out of 10 from me. Keep up the good work Brookes, kisses.

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