Brookes extends Grace Period for assignments to five days

The new rules will be in place until the end of semester one

Oxford Brookes emailed students yesterday about changes they are making to the Grace Period for students in semester one.

While previously the uni had offered students a one day Grace Period in regards to handing in assignments, put in place to help students when unforeseen circumstances arise, in the wake of Covid-19 Brookes has decided to extend this universal Grace Period to five days for all students.

In an email sent out on the 22nd October, Brookes said: “Due to the ongoing global pandemic, and our recognition of the increasing rate of transmission and the impact that this is currently having on students in a whole range of different ways that you have told us about, we will be extending this Grace Period to five (calendar) days from Sunday 25 October 2020 onwards and until the end of this semester.”

The email went on to say that you can apply for the Grace Period by submitting an exceptional circumstances form, but that you will not have to provide any evidence to support your application.

This means that students will have the ability to use the extension for personal issues including mental health problems.

However, the university does urge you not to use this Grace Period if it is a longer term issue you’re struggling that can’t be resolved within the allotted five days.