There have been 68 confirmed cases at Oxford Brookes this week

65 cases were students, and one was a member of staff

Oxford Brookes emailed students yesterday to give them the weekly update on confirmed positive coronavirus cases at the university.

In the email sent to students yesterday, Oxford Brookes confirmed: “In the seven days up to 16 October, we have been notified of 68 confirmed cases at Oxford Brookes. 67 of these cases were students and one was a member of staff.”

They also said: “Of the 68 cases, 65 are attributed to Oxford City, one to other districts within Oxfordshire, and two to areas outside of Oxfordshire. No confirmed cases have been reported at our Swindon campus.”

This is a significant drop in confirmed positive cases at Oxford Brookes since last week when there were 96 confirmed cases. The university have acknowledged this, saying: “The decrease in the number of new cases is welcome and we thank everyone for their continued work to reduce transmission.”

However, they did mention: “Unfortunately we are aware of instances involving a minority of students who have been socialising in groups of more than six, and who, in some cases, have received fixed penalty notices from the police.”

They went on to say: “We have seen elsewhere in the country that fines of up to £10,000 have been imposed where social gatherings have exceeded a maximum of six – we remind you again that keeping social gatherings to six people or fewer is a legal requirement. Our Student Conduct Procedures also require you to follow this and, where students are proven to have broken this law, we will take disciplinary action.”

They also confirmed that “the local Covid alert level for both Oxford and Swindon is ‘medium’”.

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