30 thoughts you’ve had when you’ve got on the wrong 10 bus

Don’t know if I should laugh or cry

At some point in your life, you’re going to get on the wrong bus. Let’s face it, most of us have done it. You’ve felt the relief at managing to catch up to the bus you want, panting whilst sitting down and then moving a couple of stops before the impending doom sets in: This. Is. The. Wrong. Bus.

If you’ve ever got the 10 bus in Oxford, you’ll probably know that it goes towards the JR and towards the city centre but you’ve always made sure you’ve looked at the display and got on the right one. Well, that was me, until today (yay!). I won’t lie, I did have a 20-year-old version of a temper tantrum to myself (sending a message to my mum in hope of sympathy despite her being two hours away and unable to do anything). But then, I pulled myself together and decided that if I was going on an hour and a half gallivant around Oxford, I was going to take you with me. So, here are my thoughts as I journeyed nearly the entire 10 bus route.

1. Just made it for the bus, at least it didn’t drive away when I ran for it

2. Home time sooooon get me some food

3. Shouldn’t we be going round that corner?

4. Oh okay the road is closed, must be re-routing

5. Isn’t this another bus route?

6. Hm it’s going towards Headington, maybe it’s going to re-route soon?

7. Okay now we’re at Headington shops

8. This is definitely the wrong one

9. Or is it?

10. Okay now I’m at the JR

11. “Yeah was this bus going towards the JR and not the city centre?” “Oh okay yep thought so.”

12. Oh okay at least it’s going that way

13. *Fuck*

14. Right hopefully it won’t be too long

15. *Checks Oxford bus app* oh brilliant 40 minutes

16. If I’d just checked the bus I would’ve been home in bed by now

17. *Must update private story to let everyone know of my misfortune*

18. Would that child stop sobbing

19. Please stop waiting until the minute to leave, yes I’ve got the wrong bus but that doesn’t mean I want to wait around for the people who want to get their bus on time

20. YAY we’re moving

21. Amazing, going back the exact way we’ve come, I’m so smart

22. Fuck me is this even going the way I think it is?

23. I mean at least I’m getting the scenic route of Oxford

24. Time to call someone to rant about the tragic situation that is my life

25. Ah yes the original stop I got on at

26. I love wasting an hour of my life on public transport!


28. FFS there’s not even anyone at home to put the oven on for me

29. All these people getting on the bus after me and off the bus before me, must be nice x

30. 1 hour and 20 minutes later, I AM OFF

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