Plush has reopened, but not as a club


Plush is now everyone’s favourite Oxford LGBTQ+ club after Purple Turtle closed (gone but never forgotten) so naturally when we heard it was reopening, we jumped at the chance to visit and hear our favourite Madonna and ABBA classics whilst getting absolutely binned.

Unfortunately, as BoJo hasn’t yet allowed clubs to reopen, many places like Plush are conducting more of a bar-style service to keep people coming in.

We thought it would be rude not to go in and see how Plush are managing to be open and operate with social-distancing measures still being rigid in the UK. Plush is currently open from Thursday-Sunday, from 9pm until around 2.30am and is doing table service.

This means that, like most pubs, you’re given a table and you scan the barcode on the table, which brings up a menu and you can pay by card online. The waiters and waitresses will bring the drinks straight to your table and the best part is, you don’t currently have to book!

All tables are distanced and you have to write in your details for track and trace before you go in, as with most other bars and pubs open at the moment. Unlike normal, you don’t have to pay entry!

On Thursdays, they’re doing two-for-one cocktails before 10pm so best believe we hopped straight on the U5 and nearly got run over by taxis when running down the high street to make sure we got there before 10.

As we arrived about 10 minutes before the deal was over, we all ordered four cocktails each. There was still a live DJ playing so it felt similar to being in a club but we were just dancing in our seats instead.

Overall, if you’re looking to go out for some bevs when you move back in and still want the clubbing vibe, Plush is a shout because it’s the closest you can get to proper clubbing right now!

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