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Plush will be replacing Purple Turtle in the New Year

They were moved out of their venue two days ago

Following the very last Purple Turtle night on Saturday, The Oxford Union have announced that Plush Lounge will be replacing Purple Turtle.

Founded in 2010, Plush Lounge is the only gay club in Oxford town centre. Two days ago, it was reported to be moving out of its old venue in Jam Factory, which is owned by Nuffield College.

Five days ago, Purple Turtle announced that it would be closing, because the owners were unable to reach a licensing agreement with the Oxford Union.

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In a statement released by the Plush Facebook page, the owners said: "We are excited to announce that The Plush lounge will be moving to a new venue in 2019. The final night at The Jam Factory site will be Monday, 31st December 2018.

"The Plush Lounge has recently accepted a long-term lease on new premises and will relocate to its new home below the Oxford Union in Frewin Court, located just off Cornmarket Street, in January 2019. This space was previously occupied by Purple Turtle."

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The Oxford Union also released a statement earlier on today, on their Facebook page. Which states, "We look forward to working with Plush to announce an Oxford Union members club night, which will offer free entry for all Union members!".

With the recent news regarding the closure of Purple Turtle, this really is a shock to the system. We just hope that there is room for the strip pole, in the underground nightclub.