Someone has set up an Instagram for mullets spotted in Brookes

You love to see it

Whether you’re a lover or a hater of the infamous mullet, you can’t deny that it’s a fashion symbol as a Brookes student. Even if you don’t have a mullet, we know you’re trying to grow one. We see you.

Of all styles from the 70s and 80s to bring back, it may have taken you by a surprise that it happened to be the mullet. But it’s taking Brookes by storm, regularly spotted in Clerici.

The @mulletsofbrookes Instagram account has just over 300 followers, with a growing increase.

The Brookes Tab spoke to the @mulletsofbrookes admins to find out their inspiration behind starting the page and what they think makes the perfect mullet.

What inspired you to start the account @mulletsofbrookes? 

Inspired by the @mulletsofedi Instagram page, and also the number of sharp mullets around the Brookes campus!

What would you say makes a mullet worthy of a feature? 

Mullets that feature on the page tend to be pretty savage, a defined mullet, thick (with two C’s) and a true crowd pleasing haircut.

Would you say the mullet trend is just a fad or is it here to stay? 

The mullets will always be around, we’d like to think they’re here to stay. Some true sporting idols have had them in the past, and we’re sure they’ll be some more in the future.

Do you have mullets yourselves?

There are two of us behind the account. One with a bold yet sophisticated mullet, the other one with a more low-key mullet.

Followers of the page are encouraged to DM submissions of any mullets they spot around Brookes. You can do so following the link to the Instagram page here.