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The British Naturist society are hosting an event in Oxford where you can eat totally naked

It’s a ‘one night only’ experience

Tap Social on North Hinksey Lane are hosting a one-night-only event where punters can dine totally naked.

The event is in partnership with the naturist group "Dine Naked Oxford" and Native Feasts and sounds like every freshers' dream.

For £25 you can get a four course meal, a pint, and a group of people sat in their birthday suits.

The group "Dine Naked Oxford" says one of their goals from this event is to promote a healthy body image, saying: "Guests are invited to let go of their inhibitions (and clothes) to dine naked in a safe and comfortable environment, celebrating and promoting healthy body image and embracing our stripped-back selves".

It is Dine Naked Oxford's first event, and has been described as "a first of its kind dining experience".

We're secretly hoping for the experience to arrive in Cowley Road at some point in the year.