Brookes’ Most Eligible Bachelorette 2017: The Final

Which lovely lady will win?

Hold on to your Fishies hats, boys. We have the final line-up of bachelorettes competing to become Brookes's Most Eligible Bachelorette 2017. They won their heats and now they just need your votes to win the final.

But which of these gorgeous girls deserves to be crowned the most eligible at Brookes? It is your time to decide.

Anna Orchard, Third Year, Biological Sciences

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As the president of touch rugby, Anna is always on the ball, both on and off the field. Also, according to her friends, studying biology gives her a good, anatomical knowledge of the body.

Alex Skinner, Second Year, Engineering

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Well known for being super fit and the best girl around, Alex is loved by all and the life of the party.

Maia Henderson, Third Year, Geography and Sociology

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As Social Sec of lacrosse and an absolute pocket rocket, most will ask why is Maia even still single? But don't worry, we are sure one of our bachelors can change that.

Adri Silva, First Year, Hospitality

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Adri is a Spanish model – do we need to say more?

Harriet Rowlands, Second Year, International Business Management

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As well as being incredibly fit, Harriet is known to her friends as having a gazing personality, peachy ass and is loved by all. Moreover, they also say that Harriet has a "designer vagina".

Briony Grout, Third Year, Human Biology

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Briony's friends say that she's a complete ten out of ten. Even though she may look sweet and cute on the outside, Briony's got brains, can sink more VKs than most and still turn up to her nine am with her eyeliner on fleek.

Emily Paul, Second Year, Geography

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Emily is know as a sesh head who will never miss a Fishies and her friends describe her to be a very humble girl who loves a kebab. Despite all of this, Emily still manages to maintain her grades and beat her PBs in rowing after a week on the booze.

Rachael Logan, Second Year, Accounting and Finance

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This bachelorette is an absolute ten out of ten and has an irish accent that could make your heart melt. Rachael is currently the only single girl in her house and it's time to change that. Form an orderly queue – she's a keeper.

Gemma Lucas, Second Year, Sports Science

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According to her friends, Gemma is the biggest psycho around. But she's the type you will want to keep around forever. She's beautiful and a lacrosse star, so line up, gentlemen.

Holly Arundell, Second Year, Law

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Holly is gorgeous, promiscuous, fierce and does anything to get what she wants, according to her mates. This bachelorette is apparently a winner with the boys.