A Puppy Petting Day is coming to Oxford next Semester


Puppies. Everyone loves them. Nothing relieves the sweet stress of deadlines like a pupper, it has even been scientifically proven, legit. But no need to fret, our prayers have been answered and a Puppy Petting Day is coming to Oxford this February.

According to the Facebook event, the date for the best day of our lives is currently the 27th February. The organisers, University Cribs, do warn that the date may change and the location of the event has not yet been announced. But, either way there will be puppies in Oxford and that is all that matters.

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this is what dreams are made of

The organisers have stated on the event page: "University Cribs are back with an army of the cutest puppies we can find!"

So, maybe this is the time to finally get that flat pet you've been planning to sneak into halls?